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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  August 7, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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no criminal charges will be made against the driver. the driver apparently did not see the boys before he hit them. >> this is an unfortunate accident and that is how this case is being closed out. >> police concluded the 30 day investigation into the deaths of the 17-year-old. the two boys were struck by and did -- from behind by light rail train according to police, the driver blamed some flair and a sharp turn in the track. some blai-- sun glare and a shap turn in the track. a toxicology report was done 16- 18 hours after the incident. police called a non issue. >> they are satisfied by the investigation. they're disappointed by the
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results. >> an attorney that represents the victims' families is now speaking for the family and says that the m.t.a. was negligible -- negligent. >> simply because the boys are on the tracks, does not mean they should pay with their lives. >> the driver never want his command about it. >> the last chance to prevent this accident was the mta. if the conductors have done what they were supposed to do, these boys would be alive today. >> he will be sending a letter of demands to the agency and then they will have six months to respond before they decide to file a civil suit. they are conducting their own internal investigation and once the conductor's -- but will remain off the tracks until the
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investigation is complete. we will have the latest for you tonight at 6:00 p.m.. >> in other news tonight, a city police officer is recovering from injuries after being struck by a car. he was responding to a report of an officer and a woman bolt struck by car. the woman was a passenger in the car and was dragged to try to get out of the vehicle. the woman was taken to the hospital for treatment in baltimore county, a 6-year-old was injured after being struck by a car. he was riding his bike when he hit the side of the vehicle being driven by a 27-he was treated for minor injuries and the driver was not charged. what we're learning more about a deadly high-speed crash that we brought you yesterday as breaking news. a 23-year-old woman died after
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another vehicle slammed into her car. david collins joins us live from the crash scene. >> that seem was something else. the neighbors are still talking about it here in this neighborhood. crash debris still litters decide what, here. we are learning more about the victim. >> the 23-year-old woman was returning from a doctor's appointment and when an alleged carjacker slammed into her nissan sentra. witnesses say that the car flipped over at least four times before coming to a stop 60 feet from the initial contact. she died a short time later at the trauma center. family members say that she had just been recently diagnosed with lupus, a disorder where the body's immune system attacks its own tissues and organs. this began around 3:40 p.m. thursday. members of the task force were
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doing surveillance work mayor martin luther king boulevard and they spotted a honda accord that had been reported stolen. >> the driver of the vehicle became spooked and took off at a high rate of speed. one of the supervisors for the regional auto theft task force told the rest of the units not to follow because he was driving to a radically. >> the driver struck a vehicle but it was going through the incident. meanwhile, the family of the victim remembers her as friendly and kind. she lived in the area all her life and she grandeur waited from a local high school. she is survived by her parents, two sisters and a 6-year-old daughter. we also learned that as many as three police agencies are part of the investigation. >> a convicted sniper lost an
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appeal today. the court confirmed his death sentence. >> tonight, there is word that pakistan's taliban chief was killed and a missile attack. he was the leader of the coalition with an estimated 20,000 fighters. pakistan officials say that he and his brother and wife were killed by missiles sometime wednesday. if confirmed, it will be a major blow to pakistan militants. >> some surprisingly good news about the economy. employers sharply reduced laos during the month of july and the unemployment rate dropped for the first time in 14 months. democrats are still being hammered at local town hall meetings across the nation. >> it is a sign that the great
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recession may be ending. unemployment fell to 9.4% in july s. there were job gains in health care. overall, workers' hours and pay rates rose. jobs are still being lost, just fewer. workers are still dropping out of the employment market. a president obama praised americans for keeping their confidence. >> that is how we have pulled the economy back from the brick. that is how we are turning this economy around. i am convinced that we can see a light at the end of the tunnel. >> the stock market rose again. president obama said that that is open people's retirement plans for cover. the republican party slam the the president, noting that nearly 3 million americans have lost their jobs since he took office. conservatives are escalating
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their descriptions of democratic events. this is tampa last night. >democrat john mandell last night. >> we do not support a single payer system. >> that is what barack obama wants. >> that is not what barack obama wants. >> yes it is. >> we cannot turn back to the failed policies of the past. >> economists say that it might be 2013 before unemployment drops back down to 5%. >> it is a beautiful friday across the region. temperatures were in the '60s.
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we have seen this movement. you can see to our west that there are showers developing a long a war front. -- a warm front. as the warm front comes through, it will bring a couple of things. a little cloud cover and then a huge jump in the temperature for the weekend. these are the hottest to birchers' we have seen in a long time. we'll look at the forecast and a little bit. >> baltimore city's public works crews have been very busy for the last couple of days and are now working on a water main break. here is a look at the scene. we are told that a 16 inch main burst this morning. customers are experiencing service interruptions. >> officials have reported the
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state's fifth debt associated with the h1n1 one flu virus. meanwhile, the cdc issued new guidelines today for how schools should handle possible outbreaks this fall. we get the latest from tracie potts in washington. >> the cdc is not recommending extra screening, but fifth swine flu hits again this fall, have masks on hand. very few schools should have to close. >> it is now clear that closure of schools is rarely indicated, even indicatedh1n1 is in the schools. -- even if h1n1 is in the schools. >> kids with symptoms may have to stay home and schools may screen students and moved desks further apart and even whole
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class is outside. >> we want to keep schools open. that is our mission. >> other school districts are preparing online lessons in case schools close. >> if we have a family that does not have internet access, we want to have packets of material ready so you can come by the school and pick those up. >> whether or not they are in school, our students have to keep learning. >> clinical trials are under way and there are volunteers better testing the vaccine. >> it could save a lot of lives. >> the trials will determine if the three shots will work. for most people, the virus may be annoying, but not life- threatening. from washington, i in tracie potts. >> that would be good news. studies of the swine flu will begin soon.
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the lead a vaccine investigators says that 67 young adults volunteered and 67 senior citizens will get a detailed screening and orientation on monday. if they give their consent, they will be getting two shots, three weeks apart, to determine the effectiveness of the vaccine. if the vaccine is found to be safe, it will be tested on children. >> still ahead, another horrifying case of animal cruelty. kids are accused of setting a cap on fire. >> we will have an update on the cats condition. >> firefighters are heading out west. details on their trip. >> or get help through, one group has started the gross food movement. see some of their gluttonous creations in medical it. >> the could be fighting to stay
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on top of their
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>> new developments in the death of bill lee mays. an autopsy report shows that cocaine played a role in his death. he died of a heart attack in his
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sleep. the medical examiner says that manes had last used cocaine days before his death and although he died from heart disease, cocaine was a contributing cause. >the wife of gov. mark sanford is moving out of the governor's mansion and back home with her four sons. in a statement, she says that after careful consideration and prayer, she has decided to move back to the family home with her sons for the upcoming school year. gov. mark sanford admitted to having a yearlong affair with a woman in argentina that he has called his soul mate. >> whoin tonight's medical aler, for a lot of you, it might be girl's night out, but watch out. a new report says that the girls do a lot of eating. groups of people that got together to eat, women who head with a large group of other
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women consumed the most calories. the calorie count went down when women were in smaller groups and went down substantially if the man was brought into the group. there was no scenario that changed the amount of food that they consumed. we have all been told to eat our vegetables and watch our calories. some people are getting sick and tired about getting nag about their eating habits. bob adel introduces us to the gross food movement. >> whthis is a deep fried bacon shelf crammed with scrambled eggs, hash browns and a little grated to keep that biscuit from falling off when you keel over. that is not exactly the breakfast of champions, but foods like this are winning quite a following, especially with sites like this.
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some actually served in restaurants and others homemade. waffles and used with bacon, fry is made out of spam, a burger with cheese whiz in between a jelly doughnut. >> you will not find anything like that in his refrigerator. the writer calls it the gross food movement. >> i americans suffer from having a native food culture. we are always coming up with these new trends. that is part of what created this. >> we decided to speak with dr. andrea garber. she is an assistant professor at uc san francisco. >> do you think these kind of foods are unhealthy? >> yes. >> that is not stopping
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christian williams. he admits that his baked cone invention is just that, and invention. >> i am not a gluttonous either kind of guy. >> i do not think that it is inherently dangerous. i think that people are doing it for fun. of the unhealthy aspect of it is what is bad. >> in all honesty, how can your heart not skip a beat? >> one-third his breakfast, one- third is lunch and one-third is dinner and that is all burger, meat, bacon. >> you had me at hoagy. >> i don't know, those waffles with bacon look pretty good. they had no idea of that the
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website would be so popular. some, that concept will be moving too old medium the book will come out in october. >> it was not a record low this morning, but it was unusually cool and comfortable for august in baltimore, 59 degrees. downtown baltimore was 67 and on the shore, it was much milder. they had a morning low in cambridge of 70. check out westbound on i 68 at savage mountain. the weather station recorded a morning low of 47 degrees in august. current temperature is 81 right now. it is 83 in richmond and that is
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unusually cool in august. look at the heat to our south. just out of range is into the '90s. there is a war for the will be headed our way and we see the showers and storms developing. that will spread across our region. as the warm front gets closer, a couple of things will happen and we could get a couple of showers. partly cloudy on average and '60s to my with the sunset -- sixties tonight. we may not see as much sunshine tomorrow as we saw today. there may even be a chance of showers in pennsylvania that may develop south of our area as the warm front lips on through. -- with on through -- moves on
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through. all of that heat that has been over the planes started running over the mid-atlantic and temperatures will steadily climbed. sunday and monday look like hot days. a cloud and sun makes tomorrow with only about a 20% chance of showers. highs to more will be about 82. -- tomorrow will be about 82. in western maryland, there are a couple showers. on sunday, it looks like a sunny day with a shower possible. there will be a few hit and miss showers. if you are headed down to the coast, ocean city had a beautiful day to day and it will be 81 tomorrow with a slight risk of a shower. and the surf is now at 76.
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hot humid weather on sunday and monday around 95-97 degrees. it will drop down a couple of degrees by the middle of next week. >> a group of firefighters is heading to help fight wildfires. the 20 member crew of four oregon. the fire fighters have not been assigned an exact role in the fight, but they will be fighting for at least two weeks. >> i am getting old, but that does not get old. we worked it out. >> the group is one of 15 crews mobilized out of the northeast. >> we wish them good luck. up next, a terrible case of animal abuse. >> it starts here, but it will continue. this violence will continue and get worse. >> what some kids are accused of
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doing in baltimore city and how that eight month old kitten is doing tonight. >> you may be feeling the impact of the down economy in your wallet, but how about in the bedroom? how to get your love life back on track, coming up. >> the federal government issues new guidelines and to help school districts respond to the h1n1 virus. h1n1 virus.
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>> night, animal control is investigating animal abuse. >> a kitten was stoned and set on fire, not once, but twice by a group of kids. specialists say that kids who torture animals go want to hurt humans. >> this story is getting some tlc that is long overdue. >> there were two young boys that were throwing stones and bricks at the cat and then they went and caught the cat and pour the liquid on it and set it on fire. >> witnesses say it happened here in late july. they added that the cat rolled around and put out the flames and then the boys caught her and set her on fire again. cat litter on the street for a week before the panel control officers tracked her down. >> she is a very strong kitten.
5:27 pm
>> the cat suffered extended -- extensive burns on her right side. officials are optimistic she will recover, but they emphasized that this is not an isolated incident. >> the cats are just below normal because there are so many out there on the street. four cats have been tortured and killed. this is the fifth cat. >> as animal control investigates, they hope the witnesses will cooperate. >> this is not simply in an old problem. it starts here, but it will continue and it worse. >> the rescue group will take over the kittens care tomorrow. >> we chose not to show you the graphic pictures of that cats back because we thought that it was too much for people to see at this early hour.
5:28 pm
the cat is currently on painkillers and there are high hopes that she will recover as long as she can fight off infection. >> there is still much more ahead. >> a rough ride for veterans have during the first couple of weeks of school. that story is coming up. >> it is better than ever. more restaurants than ever before participating. coming up, we will take you where and show you some of the great deals you can expect. >> and a ruling in favor of baltimore city and its fight against wells fargo, why the city sued and what wells
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>> new tonight, college degrees for soldiers. the bill took effect on august 1 and it allows better rents to go to college for free. or so they thought. there is a glitch in the system. melissa? >> there are a couple of things going on here. fall is a busy season for them and they have to deal with other things and then you add on the new gi bill, that has left them busy. so busy that some students may have to wait for their much- needed funds. , august 31, the university of maryland will be bustling with new and returning students, some 300 our veterans. those students are finding out that the first few weeks of school may not be smooth sailing. >> everybody needs it. everybody that comes back to school needs and deserves the money. >> a veteran of the iraq war and the president of the veterans
5:31 pm
student organization is talking about the new post in 9/11 gi bill which went into place august 1. >> the older g.i. bill was givegiving them one thing. now they are getting three categories of payments, tuition and fees, a housing allowance that goes to the student and a book in supply stipend. >> while this is good news for veterans who could be entitled to more funds, the response has been overwhelming. >> the numbers are going up and up and up. claims have been received but not yet processed. we're talking about tens of thousands of applications. >> that means that payments to schools and students may be delayed by as much as 10 weeks. they have already received 140,000 benefit claims and 5000 and 01 claims for the fall semester. they expect many more. in a statement, they say that the va has reached out to the
5:32 pm
states and schools to strongly encourage them to demonstrate flexibility and forbearance when working with students receiving education benefits. the university of maryland says they will take care of the tuition until the va catches up, but students will have to take care of the books and supplies on their own. >> this is not just the university of maryland, this is for any veteran that is depending on the gi bill. they have already had to hire another 760 people to help do with all these new claims. -- deal with all these new claims. >> baltimore has won its early battle with its lawsuit against wells fargo. the lender must turn over data on its baltimore loans and a company officials available for depositions. there are accused of targeting people for bad loans.
5:33 pm
wells fargo denies that race was a factor in its loan. >> the investigation into last week's light rail accident is over. they will not file charges after it was determined that the incident was an accident. investigators interviewed the operator and other witnesses and reviewed surveillance video before determining that criminal charges were inappropriate. >> centre martinez is stepping down. he says that he will resign as soon as they replacement is found. the governor will name the replacement. a former miss maryland usa is found guilty. she entered a plea yesterday. she was crowned miss maryland
5:34 pm
usa back in 2004 and was announced -- named miss congeniality by her fellow competitors. >> restaurant week is back in baltimore and this year, and a record number of restaurants are participating. not only do the fixed-price menus help your budget, but helps you find more for less. >> in town for a wedding, they are making reservations. it is a spot they picked out special because of restaurant week. >> you get to try a lot of places that you normally would not be able to go to. >> this seemed to have some pretty good peer reviews. >> this is one of over 120 locations taking part in the restaurant week. it offers some great deals that many -- for many of the great
5:35 pm
hot spots. >> we get to suggest we normally would not be able to see during the year. we give them many options and the portion size does not decrease. >> it is $30.90 for a three course fixed-price dinner and $20.90 for a three course fixed- price lunch. >> restaurant week is so popular that day are thinking about extending it beyond seven days. >> you can plan a whole week of exploring new restaurants and trying cuisine that maybe you are not familiar with. it is a great opportunity for residents to see what is happening in the city. >> reservations still a pretty
5:36 pm
quickly. if you are planning to do restaurant week, you should call ahead. you can log onto our website the event is billed as an opportunity to network with professionals. this year's focus was on the recession. there were several guest speakers. still ahead, there were all there at woodstock. >> something was taking place at woodstock that was spiritual or magical. >> we take a look back at the generation changing concert on its 40th anniversary. >> everybody is on a budget these days. we have ways to get it back on track, coming up.
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>> a 23-year-old mother is now survived by her sixth role
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>> take a look at this. police said they had no choice but to taser a baseball fan three times during a game. in this video, you can see officers confront the man who is being asked to leave. police say that when he refused, they had no choice but to taste them. you can hear the crowd shouting at the police to go easy on the guy. the suspect was charged with resisting arrest. >> 180 was wrongly accused of murdering his brother and is for tonight. he was charged in the death of his twins. detecto detectives said that a hand print exonerated him. he is elated to be free. >> they have the wrong person
5:41 pm
all along. they were in the wrong since the beginning. i can forgive, but i will not forget. >> now, he can grieve the loss of his twin brother. >> you have no doubt heard of kids blaming their dog for eating their homework, but one man is trying to blame his pornography on his cap. he was arrested and charged with 10 counts of charge -- possessing child pornography after police found more than 1000 child pornography pictures. he said he would leave his computer run and the computer would look on his keyboard and when he got home there would be strange material down loaded. >> as consumers downsize, the
5:42 pm
new trend of tiny computers and how retailers hope they will boost sales. >> showers are tracking through the midwest, an indication that a warm front will have a big impact on air temperatures. it is comfortable. it is comfortable.
5:43 pm
>> here's a look at some of the stories we're working on. the government is working to arm schools against the h1n1 rest. what is being done to keep your child flew free. we're learning more about a woman killed in the midst of a police pursuit. a carjacker struck and killed her. tonight, why maryland transit police are involved in the investigation. those stories and a lot morefoo because this monday, we are launching our newest scratch-off ravens cash fantasy! this $5
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woodstock, and curry is taking a journey back to one of the most memorable concerts' in rock history. >> something was taking place at woodstock that was spiritual or magical. >> some many people were so generous with each other that it became the woodstock generation. >> we painted the picture and it was a beautiful picture. >> it was billed as a days of peace and music. it would change the trajectory of their lives. >> the sense of community that i got at woodstock gave me more faith that what i was doing was correct. >> he was 18 and recently registered for the draft and was enveloped in a crowd of vocally shared his opposition to the war in viet -- in vietnam.
5:46 pm
>> the movement was far bigger than i ever could have imagined. >> he had been planning all his life to be a catholic priest. he was falling in love. >> i decided that i would not live a lie. >> a lot of things went wrong over those three days. but what makes woodstock the most memorable moment in rock history is what went right. >how, on 600 acres of rolling farmland, drifters and lovers, students and seekers came together to create something new. i>> now, your 11 insta-weather plus forecast. >> it was not quite a record set a few years ago, but it was 59 degrees officially.
5:47 pm
53 was the record low back in 2004. on this day, in 1918, there were back-to-back days in august of 1918 with temperatures of 105 degrees. we only got 82 today at the airport. there are lows across the state this morning. notice that right there on the bay is a lot warmer because of the nearby warm water. the lowest was just 70. caroline county was 58 and savage mountain was a cool 47 this morning. in the mountains, it was a comfortable 68 and around a central and east on maryland, they had a hard time getting below 80. at 7:00 tomorrow morning, there
5:48 pm
will be cloudiness as a warm front approaches. it will impact the first part of the weekend and will have a major change in the second half of the weekend. not as cool tonight. it will be cooler around chicago because of some rain, but 80s indiana ohio river valley. that is they keep coming in. the jet stream has a big shift and heads toward the canadian maritime. this is the first time you really see this set up in a strong fashion. the high-pressure is reaching all the way to the great lakes. the and the humidity will be clouded tomorrow -- the heat and humidity will cause it to be
5:49 pm
cloudy tomorrow. an isolated showers as possible. a western maryland has a chance for shower. sunny skies and warm or on sunday. around the bay, a couple of scattered showers and if you are headed down to ocean city, the forecast is not too bad. it will be a little cloudy tomorrow, but then the temperatures warm up and it will be great beach temperature with the surf at 76. a couple of thunderstorms on tuesday. temperatures will try to cool off next week. >> in tonight's consumer alert, disturbing news for bradford bank. investigators have ordered them to either merge, get acquired or sell much of their liabilities.
5:50 pm
they must make a deal by august 24. >> there may have been some good news today bennett came to unemployment. a record number of people are using food stamps to buy their groceries. for the first time ever, more than 34 million americans used the footsteps. florida had the largest jump at 4.2%. tonight, lawmakers are warning consumers about a cash for clunkers camp. charles schumer says that there are web sites that are asking consumers for their personal information to register them for the program. however, you should know that no registration is needed to participate in the program. the scams could cost consumers thousands of dollars, lead to identity theft and delayed in getting their rebates on time. are you in the market for a new laptop? now baby the best time to buy --
5:51 pm
now may be the best time to buy. >> the computer section was busy this afternoon. but this year, as people's budgets are shrinking, so are their computers. >> we are going to have a lot of really well priced laptops to get people into computers. >> computers with a whole new name and price tag. call them the net books. >> where inexpensive, small and light and they do virtually everything that your notebook computer would do. >> except that they do not come with a cd or dvd player, but the price tag is often under $500. while times are tough, the one good thing about electronics, the longer you wait, the more you get for your money. the speed in the processing power, they are faster than what i have now. >> this will also be the year of the books -- of the e-books.
5:52 pm
back-to-school always includes a new cell phone. >> this is the hot area of the cellphone. the blackberry is moving more from a business phone into a consumer product. >> the berlin zoo presented its labor board today. diego was born into an extended family. the cub has been developing under the watchful eye of its mother who makes sure that other animals do not get too close to diego. hundreds of people came out just to ssee little diego. also, on our website, a wisconsin boy takes the wheel when his grandfather blacked out.
5:53 pm
and tips on how you can help your child handle a back-to- school period i was lured into the internet world of internet shopping. find out what i mean. >> it lowered to ride in. >> , there is much more ahead. details coming up at 6:00 p.m.. >> did you know one out of four moms are having less sex? but the economy is having to do with that, max. with that, max.
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not exactly a widely used for roger on the state of the economy, but a brothel owners in reno, nev. say they have proof that the economy is making a comeback. they said that businesses are busier than ever. at these brothels are reporting a 25% increase in business. they say that the recent boom shows that the economy is gaining steam. and women say that the recession has hurt their sex lives. >> sarah caldwell tells us how to get it back on track. " i think it makes you a little more edgy. >> the recession has not only hit some couples and the wallet, but in the bedroom.
5:57 pm
one in four moms say they are having less sex. >> the national institute is to withdraw and worry. >> they say it is natural for couples to worry about lost jobs and money problems. >> taking its toll in the bedroom. >> help you climb out of that when finances are such a major issue. >> there are so many things that couples can do. >> keeping a positive attitude is important. working as a team could keep the relationship strong. >> nobody is in it alone. >> the recommend taking at least 15 minutes a day for all time. " how must as a cost to talk to your partner? >> it does not cost a thing, but stay away from a stressful
5:58 pm
situations. >> eat healthy, go on a picnic and go on the war together so you were talking, which is for play. >> bill then nonsexual contact. >> we're going through some rainy times right now. how you handle those times will determine whether or not you see a rainbow. >> they say that stressful times can also have a abbas effect, causing them -- because uncouples to bind together. >> that is all for us at 5:00 p.m.. >> here is what is coming of new at 6:00 p.m.. >> there are some big perks with the new gi bill, but it may have a lengthy period of waiting for that money. we will have that story. >> yesterday's fatal car crash
5:59 pm
caused by a carjacking suspect. >> police wrap up their investigation of the mca after two teenagers were killed by a light rail train back in july. 11 news continues right now. >> live, local, late breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news in hd. >> no criminal charges will be filed against the light will driver that struck and killed two teenagers last month. >> officials concluded that the deaths were acceptable but that is providing little comfort to the teenagers families. >> there were certainly a lot of unanswered questions concerning this case. baltimore county police began the investigation about a month ago, talking to witnesses in the conductor's involved


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